ROC Leiden by RAU Architects
architectural photography by Dirk Verwoerd
Imagine: take the small buildings located on a huge college campus that are currently spread across the grounds at considerable distance from one another and stack them to form five sloping towers on three different large tables.By doing so you would gain outdoor space for squares. Then you could group the individual buildings on and around the tabletops. This would create the interior courtyards. The result would not be a single building; instead, it would be a vertical city consisting of all sorts of small buildings, connected by markets and slopes.There are staggered squares not only in front of the building, but also inside the building, with greenery and shops. Escalators provide access to the most central market in the middle of the building, where the library and information centre are located. The various activities are grouped around these markets, meeting places and cross pollination. Together, all of the tenants form the ‘ROC city’. ( Source: RAU Architects )
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