Architect Neutelings Riedijk - MAS ( Museum aan de Stroom ) Antwerp 
 Architectural photography by Dirk Verwoerd
The MAS is located on a small island in the heart of the old harbour close to the city centre of Antwerp. The new MAS museum in Antwerp was a winning design in an open architecture competition by Neutelings Riedijk. A 60m high tower with stacked exhibition spaces has in total 10 storeys. Each level is twisted 90 degrees to form a giant spiral. This glazed space becomes a vertical galleria. Elevators guide the visitors to the top of the building in a journey through the history of Antwerp and through the panoramas of the city. On the upper floor a restaurant, a conference room and a sky deck are situated. Square, docks and tower are designed to form one continuous space for exhibitions and events. The stacked concept refers to the old warehouses where goods were packed and stacked. Now Antwerp's history, traditions, artefacts, stories and objects are stacked in one new warehouse. 
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